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Knowledge Management
What? Why? How?

Case Studies in KM

* What is Knowledge Management?
* Organizational Learning versus Learning Organizations
* Why Knowledge Management Systems Fail?
* Enabling Knowledge Exchanges For E-Business Communities[PDF Version]
* Knowledge Management For [e-]Business Performance
* Knowledge Management for Adaptive Supply Chains
* Knowledge Management for Business Innovation
* Knowledge Management For National Intellectual Capital
* Three Myths About Knowledge Management
* From Information Management to Knowledge Management
* Knowledge Ecology and Knowledge Management
* Knowledge Workers and Knowledge Organizations
* Knowledge Management For e-Business Architecture
* Enterprise Architecture: An Overview
* Business Process Redesign: An Overview
* Knowledge Management in Inquiring Organizations
* Competitive Intelligence Programs: An Overview
* Competitive Intelligence and Measurement in Organizational Research
* Role of IT In Managing Organizational Change
* Most Critical Challenges of Knowledge Management
* When 'Best Practices' Become 'Worst Practices'
* Role Of Science In Knowledge Creation
* 200 Articles on Developing Knowledge Organizations
* Walking the Talk

KM Think Tank
Global Community of KM Practice

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Knowledge Management Research Portals
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"In order to live free and happily, you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice."
- Richard Bach in Illusions

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Jobs In Knowledge Management
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Knowledge Management
Tools and Technologies

The following research portals on Knowledge Management Tools, Techniques, and Technologies attempt to span the current scope of Knowledge Management and new topics are continuously added. Specific emphasis is on the information, technology, and computing aspects of knowledge management as evident in the general thinking about tools and technologies for knowledge management.

General Categories:

Knowledge Management Tools
Knowledge Management Technologies

Specific Categories

Artificial Agents · Artificial Intelligence · Automatic Classification · Bayesian Analysis · Bayesian Nets · Best Practices · Bibliometrics · Brainstorming · Business Rules ·Business Intelligence · Case Based Reasoning · Classification · Cluster Analysis · Collaborative Technologies · Communities of Practice · Computational Linguistics · Computer Languages · Concept Mapping · Content Analysis · Content Management · Content Organization · Conferencing · Constraint Solving · Creativity Software · Data Analysis · Data Management · Data Mining · Data Storage · Data Warehousing · Decision Support· Digital Asset Management · Digital Dashboards · Distance Learning· Document Management · eLearning · e-Learning · e-Mail Processing · Enterprise Portals · Executive Information Systems · Evolutionary Computing · Fuzzy Logic · Fuzzy Systems · Genetic Algorithms · Groupware Systems · Collaborative Communication · Groupware Technologies · Image Processing · Information Mapping · Intranets · Knowledge Acquisition · Knowledge Discovery · Knowledge Engineering · Knowledge Exchanges · Knowledge Map · Knowledge Mapping · Knowledge Organization · Knowledge Processing · Knowledge Portals · Knowledge Retrieval · Knowledge Systems · Knowledge Tools · Machine Intelligence · Machine Learning · Meta Analysis · Meta Data · Natural Language Processing · Neural Networks · OLAP · Ontologies · Pattern Recognition · Project Management · Qualitative Analysis · P2P · Records Management · Scenario Planning · Search Algorithms · Semantic Analysis · Semantic Databases · Social Network Analysis · Summarization · Taxonomies · Taxonomy Software · Text Processing · Voice Recognition · Workflow Management · XML ·

Global Community of Knowledge Management

Any knowledge entity is incomplete if it does not cultivate a dialog between the members of the community of practice to advance the defining and refining of a socially constructed process. The Knowledge Management Think Tank represents our global community of practice of knowledge practitioners, researchers, and scholars who informally congregate and dialog in what has been described as a "stimulating meeting of minds in virtual venues" by a leading technology publication. The 'Think Tank' has been often described as the world's leading sustained community of practice on Knowledge Management with the highest voluntary participation from its worldwide community members. These online discussion forums also contain a searchable archive of prior discussions that also provide a working basis for creating a taxonomy of Knowledge Management.

Other areas of interaction between various members of our worldwide community of practice include Knowledge Management Executive Positions Area, Knowledge Management Conference Posting Area, and, Knowledge Executives Network. All these services are popular with our our global community of practice.

Need to know more? Have questions? Like to share your insights and opinions? Welcome to the "largest" compilation of Knowledge Management related Business and Technology discussions profiled in Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, Fast Company, Harvard Business Publishing, KM World, CIO Magazine, and, Info World, ...
*Welcome to the KM Think Tank
Join the largest "global community of minds"
defining, designing and implementing business enterprises for the Knowledge Economy.

*Search the World's Most Popular Forums on KM
Review the Searchable Archive of Thousands of Discussions

Join the largest "global community of minds" in pushing the boundaries of thought leadership, research and publication on Hi-Tech and New Economy related Knowledge Management themes.
*Are You Eligible for Membership in KEN? Please e-mail a brief profile and a statement on how you expect to contribute and benefit from participation in KEN to

*KM Conferences & Events Network is world's leading sponsor of high profile professional New Economy and Hi-Tech conferences related to Knowledge Management and e-Business.
*Global Conference Calendar Post or Review Conference Postings
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*KM Executive Positions
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Positions advertised by top-tier corporations, governments and premier retained recruiters including Fortune 100, Big 5, and Silicon Valley Firms. Advertised positions and descriptions for CIOs, CTOs, CKOs, CLOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, e-Business Professionals, Knowledge Management Professionals, other Hi-Tech and New Economy Business and Technology Professionals. Positions advertised in the range of $50K+ - $1 Million+ per annum.

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